"It was our pride and joy, everyone was there."


Bio Edit

Alpha!Sans was created by SHADIKAL15

Alpha is the major god of Mercy and is the brother of Error404.

Personality Edit

Alpha is a very kind and caring individual, acting as a sort of big brother to other AU's considering he is one of the first AU Sans'

Origin Edit

Alpha was the younger brother of Error404, and both of them lived within the first AU, AlphaTale

He died when Infected, the first destroyer, destroyed AlphaTale, killing everyone who lived there.

Alpha Lost his physical form after being slain, though he is not truly dead.

Ink!Sans Edit

It is not known when Alpha and Ink met, though it is known that Ink is one of the few who can see Alpha, since Ink is a protector, and a "friend" to AU creators.

Powers & Stats Edit

  • Magic eye When provoked Alpha can activate both eyes, making his magic attacks far more powerful
  • AU Jump he is able to jump to any universe at will
  • Memory Erasure Alpha can manipulate memories at will