Bio Edit

AlphaTale was the very first AU, existing nearly as long as UnderTale itself.

It was to be the prime example of how to create a perfect world, created by improving everything about UnderTale, from the Underground to even the very inhabitants themselves, no one thing was inferior to any other world.

The universe was however, destroyed in its prime, and so the multiverse never reached its potential.

Destruction Edit

AlphaTale was destroyed by Infected, a terrifying Sans from the prime AU, PeaceTale

The only one who survived the destruction was Error404, and from that day onward he swore not only to bring back his once great world, but to improve upon it in every way.

Though that was 10 years ago.

The Legends Edit

Modern denizens of the multiverse only know of AlphaTale by the legend of the perfect world that came before all AU's.

These stories are thought to be nothing more than fantasy, and so AlphaTale has been nearly forgotten, and the idea of an organized multiverse with it.