"you don't realize, you shouldn't exist"

- Error!Sans

Bio Edit

Error Sans was created by CrayonQueen

Error Sans is a destroyer, as well as Error404's personal student, and is the sans of the presumed ErrorTale AU

Error is the minor god of errors

Personality Edit

Error is very hot-headed, and easily prone to anger, often even glitching himself out. Error is also very stubborn, and will only take direct orders from his master, deeming none to be worthy of even suggesting different things to him.

He is mentally unstable, often hearing voices and having delusions.

He has somewhat of a hero complex, thinking his homicidal tendencies are justified.

Origin Edit

Little is known about Error's origin, as not even he can remember who he was before entering the Anti-void, all that even he remembers is that his name was Sans

After spending a lengthy but unknown amount of time within the Anti-void, he managed to escape to a nearby AU, where he spent time making jokes with the native Toriel, before discovering that those within the AU were some type of spirits.

Error then decided "you shouldn't exist" and made the AU his first victim

Ink Sans Edit

It is unknown when both Ink and Error met, though it is likely they were enemies from the start, naturally with Ink being the guardian of AU's

Both of them fought countless times, being considered opposites of each other in every way

Eventually after years of fighting both became friends somewhat

X-event Edit

When Error and Ink became trapped on a mysterious island, both made a truce, Ink would stop creating, and Error would stop destroying.

This gave Error the time he needed to search the multiverse for The Omega Timeline.

Error404 Edit

While on the search for the Omega Timeline Error Sans would end up within the mainframe, the domain of the first error, Error404, one of the Sans of AlphaTale,

Error404 would prove to Error that they shared a somewhat common goal, each believing that the multiverse must be fixed from it's current "imperfect state"

Error404 would take Error under his wing, teaching him what it means not only to be an error, but the true potential of a Sans as well.

Powers & Stats Edit

  • Gaster Grabbers Powerful strings of magic, capable of manipulating people and objects as if they were puppets
  • Gaster Blasters Giant black skulls that fire concentrated magic
  • Red bones Standard attack inherent to Skeleton monsters
  • AU jump he can move between AU's at will

Due to his LV going upwards by 99 when he destroys an AU, his health and attack are unaccountably high