"AlphaTale was a world beyond measure"

- Error404

Bio Edit

Error404 was created by SHADIKAL15

Error404 is the puppet master of most events within the Undertale multiverse

He is one of the two Sans of AlphaTale, the first AU, and is the mentor of Error!Sans

Error404 is the major god of Errors

Origin Edit

Error404 was simply known as █████, the older of the Sans twins of the first AU, AlphaTale, as well as a child of The Astral Mother

He lived in what appeared to be the perfect world, but everything was taken from him when the first destroyer, Infected, killed everyone else and even ended the entire universe, and he even lost his brother, ████, the most important person in his life, who fell to Infected

He was able to kill infected, though he had lost any hope of returning home.

Personality Edit

He is calm and collected, charismatic and manipulative, though he is also incredibly depressed, and makes an effort to hide just how lonely he had become before his meeting with Error!Sans

Error!Sans Edit

Error had come into contact with 404 while Error had been searching for the omega timeline.

In his search, Error had come across the core of reality, the mainframe, and had his first encounter 404, after a long battle, 404 had revealed that not only did the mythical AlphaTale exist, but 404 was the last survivor of said world, and so 404 took Error under his wing, and they became student and master

AlphaTale's recreation Edit

Error404's ultimate goal is to one day bring back AlphaTale, his friends, and his family, and has been working on this goal for a significant amount of time.

Error!Sans will also have a place in the new AlphaTale, as a reward for helping 404

Powers & Stats Edit

  • God-ray He can shoot a black beam from his fingertips, which removes entire body parts.
  • Dark Blasters Special Gaster Blasters designed by The Astral Mother.
  • Blue Mastery The most powerful version of the blue attack, able to move any object as if it had a soul, as well as manipulate both the mind and body.
  • Reincarnation Should 404's body be damaged beyond repair, he will disperse into code, only to reform at some later point
  • Chroma Hands This ability lets Error404 summon an unbelievably large amount of Gaster Hands of any Size. They can differ in traits. The limit of this ability is yet to be known, though using this ability leaves him emotionless and paralyzed for the time depending on how much magic he uses. 404 is also capable of using another's soul to accomplish this feat
  • Reality Bend 404 has the ability to bend reality to his will, though this uses life force, and can cause him to reincarnate, depending on how significant his change was.

Error404 is by far the most powerful Sans, having an incomprehensible amount of power and DEF.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is not, in fact, Sans, he and his brother were given names, and 404's real name is ████████