This character is non-cannon to the Hell!Verse, and has no bearing on the story

Also congratulations to Vanta0black, for our first fan submission

Design Edit

Void Puppet Sans Sprite

Bio Edit

VoidPuppet Sans was created by Vanta0black.

VoidPuppet Sans

VoidPuppet Sans is a failed clone

Personality Edit

VoidPuppet is very quiet, and Usually tries to hide from crowds.

Hes also a Fast-Learner.

Origin Edit

One day error attacked a alternative universe,

This universe was a alternative timeline of the Science Sans AU.

Gaster and Sans were walking by the hall,until gaster's phone started ringing loud and fast, Gaster went to check it and it had detected a high anomaly on the end of the corridor.

When Sans and gaster went to check it, they found a glitchy portal with a blue corridor,

then storyswap asriel came from it, hitting the wall,

Sans and gaster looked at him Scared and surprised, Sans was pretty sure that proved alternative existences.

Asriel shouted out loud : "RUN, WHILE YOU CAN SANS!"

Gaster was surprised that they didnt mention his name,its almost like he didnt exist there.

A string grabbed asriel back as they heard after a sound of dust and xp & level earn.

Then error came out of the portal, with a creepy smile on his face, he spawned a blaster and shooted Gaster.

Sans Blocked it, being knocked onto the void of that World.

Gaster tried to grab him, but he was too slow.

Error Smiled and laughed as he walked away towards the king's castle.

Gaster just stared at that white blank void light, and he thought to himself that was the end.

But he got up and had a plan, he would get that other Sans's Blood and create a new one, a better one.

While error was passing throught the hallway

a Mix between the DT extractor and a Gaster blaster came from the roof/back, and started absorbing error's Magic.

Error quickly used his strings to open his way out.

he jumped out of the blaster and tried to blast it, throught the blaster flew away.

And that blaster was bringing the magic & code that gaster needed to create the new sans, it went to gaster and gaster toke the magic he absorbed and went to the lab, he used a forbidden spell (The Code).

But that gaster had to sacrifice something.. and what he did? he sacrificed himself to create the new sans.

And then VoidPuppet!Sans was created.

Alphys was another scientist, and she was there the whole time, Alphys told sans everything and then evacuated the monsters that survived to the true lab.

It didnt take so long till error found them,since error was doing that since along time ago.

VoidPuppet in the meantime learned how to control magic.

Error Started the Spree in the true lab, killing the amalgamates alongside with the other monsters, alphys and mettaton made their last stand together, fighting error one more time and giving time to VoidPuppet Sans to escape.

Error erased the timeline, without knowing that voidpuppet sans escaped/was created.

He left the timeline.

VoidPuppet Woke up in a blank Infinite area, everything was white,throught his clothes and his magic were still with him.

luckily he had gaster's spell book with him.

he learned lots of spells while he was there...

Until Core Frisk found him by searching for Erased/Genocide timelines, It toke him to the Omega Timeline, But VoidPuppet said : "i didnt want to be there, i want to find the glitchy skeleton that erased my universe."

Core frisk told him he should learn how to teleport throught alternative universes and he could leave then

VoidPuppet learned how to teleport throught alternative universes in the time he was there in the omega timeline.

Hes now Jumping throught universes going after error.

Relationships Edit

Void Alphys Edit

He almost treats her as his older sister, she is the one that told his origins.

he trusts her allot.

Error Sans Edit

VoidPuppet hates error, even throught his magic is similar to error.

Void Gaster Edit

He sees him as his father, as he shares similarities with his magic and as hes the one who created VoidPuppet Sans

Core Frisk Edit

He sees core frisk as a good friend, whos trying their best to help others and save them from being lonely.

Error 404 Edit

He once found error 404 in outertale, staring at the beautiful space sky.

Stats Edit

In battle Edit

VoidPuppet Sans

ATK 605 DEF 25 Edit

"Not what you expected."

Half of the battle (PHASE 2) Edit

VoidPuppet Sans

ATK 905 DEF 35 Edit

"Looks like hes mad with our actions."

Powers Edit

  • Gaster Hands Hes able to spawn hands that have different functions and modes.
  1. Blue Hands Throws blades that chase wherever VoidPuppet wants.
  2. Cyan Hands Shots strings that stick to its objective until VoidPuppet Sans Lets go or Untill they are cut
  3. Red Hands Shots a blast of energy, Twice as powerfull as a normal Gaster Blaster
  4. Purple Hands Copies a Enemy attacks. (If there are too many Powers in the purple hand its likely to get destroyed)
  5. Green Hands Summons Really Powerful Shields
  6. Orange Hands Create white dots that when they turn orange, they explode.
  7. Yellow Hands Shot Really Fast Weak Projectiles.
  8. Black Hands Create Portals, These portals can also serve as somekind of camera, since one side can Open as much as VoidPuppet Wants and the other can be as small as he wants, he can also enable a gravity force that will pull everything/specific things towards the portal, These portals can teleport to wherever he wants, this includes alternative timelines,time traveling and alternative universes.
  9. Reverse Hands These hands revert what the other hands do, they do not Make them heal throught, For example, the Purple hands copy the enemies attack, instead of copying, these will make the enemy unable to use their attacks untill these hands get destroyed.
  10. White Hands These hands can Shapeshift VoidPuppet and other Stuff, The Effects will last until the hand gets destroyed. (In-case VoidPuppet!Sans Disable/Despawn the hands the effects will continue until the hands get spawned again and destroyed.
  • Bones

Bone attacks.

  1. White Bones Medium Damage & Medium Speed Projectiles.
  2. Blue Bones Medium Damage & Medium Speed Projectiles, In case the target does not move the bones wont deal damage, now otherwise...
  3. Orange Bones Medium Damage & Medium Speed Projectiles, In case the target moves the hands wont deal damage, now otherwise...
  4. Green Bones Projectiles that heal the target, Medium Regeneration & Medium Speed.
  • Blasters

Blaster attacks.

  1. Gaster Blasters
  1. White Lasers - High Damage & High Speed.
  2. Blue Laser - High Damage & High Speed, In case the target does not move the laser wont deal damage, now otherwise...
  3. Orange Laser - High Damage & High Speed, In case the target moves the laser wont deal damage, now otherwise...
  4. Green Laser - A Laser that will heal the target, High Regeneration and High Speed.

Weaknesses Edit

  • He Can still take damage. He isnt a god with lots of healthpoints like error, he can die if he gets too damaged.
  • He can be betrayed. For example, if hes sparing you, you can do the betrayal attack and fight against him, if you are lucky he'll not be able to block or dodge in time.

Phobias Edit







This is my first time making a wikia character page, i dont remember making any other ones if i did. - Vanta0black